Quiz Night

Lizzy Drakes was the venue for a quiz night for Horizons. A great night was had by all, and much headscratching was done by the ‘Gophers’, ‘The Champions’, ‘Low Roaders’, Mine’s a Guinness’, ‘And the winners are’. Tactical playing of the Joker and the all importnat 'Picture Round' meant that the result was in the balance right to the end. ‘The Gophers’ triumphed by 1 point in what was a great evening's entertainment. Highlights were

- The Rev getting the question about Jonah and the whale correct!
- We now know where our Axilla is!
- A Giraffe’s tongue is definitely blue!
- The Gunfight at the OK corral did not take place in Dodge City!

Definitely all knowledge that can be out to good use in the future - (At the next Quiz night maybe...)

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